Welcome to Experiencez!

Experiencez was formed so that single-parents and their children can grow together through shared life experiences. Experiencez provides family-themed group travel to multiple resorts and theme parks in Southern California. 
La Wanda "Wandeezy" Johnson is the CEO of Experiencez. She was born and raised in Queens, NY. La Wanda was blessed to come from a family that cultivated a desire to travel and explore the world. After finishing her studies at Spelman College and Alliant International University, La Wanda stepped out into her career as a school psychologist. In her role as an educator, La Wanda has had the opportunity to work with children from various socio-economic backgrounds.
Over the years, two themes have become very clear to La Wanda: a child only educated at school is an uneducated child and learning is supported through life experiences.  La Wanda firmly believes traveling is a privilege that everyone should have access to. Experiencez LLC was founded to make travel experiences possible for all families.